Around the world there are many people suffering from symptomatic Pineal Gland Cysts/Tumors. These cysts/tumors cause debilitating and life altering pain.

Medical communities and local doctors do not have enough education, information, or research invested in pineal gland cysts/tumors; unfortunately, local doctors are telling patient's that their pain and suffering are not related to their pineal cyst/tumor.

The pineal gland is in a region of the brain that many neurosurgeons know how to get to; but, due to lack of education and research a lot of surgeons won't remove them because they don't believe these cysts/tumors ever cause symptoms.


The disbelief of local doctors causes patient's pain levels, and mental health issues, to escalate. People are suffering for years, even decades, and are being told by their own doctors that they are crazy.


Publicly, three (3) neurosurgeons from around the world have challenged this "old-school" way of thinking, seen the amazing results of removing a PGCT, and believe that these cysts/tumors cause tremendous pain in patients: 

Dr. Dong Kim (Houston, Texas) 

Dr. Sunil Patel (Charleston, SC) 

Dr. Charlie Teo (Sydney, Australia)

These 3 doctors have taken away patient's debilitating and chronic pain associated with these cysts/tumors. 

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Worldwide, those suffering have to pay out of pocket to receive medical help because their own medical communities refuse to diagnose PGCT patients as "symptomatic" and/or acknowledge a pineal gland cyst/tumor as a medical condition. This means people can't use their insurance plans to help receive medical treatment or aid.

Many patients experience the loss of jobs and the loss of income. Also, patients can't collect insurance or receive income assistance because their condition is not believed in the medical community. All of this doesn't help a person's mental health while also struggling to save their life from a rare brain tumor no one believes them about - not even their own doctors! 

Dr. Dong Kim had removed over 100 cysts/tumors by 2014 and so many of his patients, the vast majority, have had such complete symptom relief [so Dr. Kim's office knows of]. Dr. Kim is constantly improving and advancing his medical practices with PGCT patients. 

Medical operation costs vary between $58,000 - $82,000 USD. Many of those suffering have to sell their homes, refinance, liquidate, or suffer their whole lives in chronic pain (coupled with the humiliation of their local medical community and friends and family degeneration) all because they cannot come up with the funds.


Those suffering from PGCTs need our voices to help them receive the medical help and acknowledgement that they so desperately need.

Our website focuses on raising awareness for those suffering from these rare brain cysts/tumors, globally.

A portion of the proceeds from items sold on our website go into sending a fund focusing on sending out Postop Care Packages to those who have gone through brain surgery.

Our main goal at PGCT Awareness is to have pineal gland cysts/tumors recognized as a medical condition, acknowledged by medical communities, and local doctors - worldwide!

Our secondary goal at PGCT Awareness is to help make life less painful and bring a sense of cohesion for those suffering. 

We need your help to bring P.G.C.T. into the public’s eye, to have medical communities and local doctors educated and funded enough to understand the impact these cysts/tumors have on a person’s body. 

Please help those who are suffering receive medication, operations, and counselling for their chronic pain and suffering.